A housing community in the city of Meridian, Idaho. It’s built around six large buildings that serve as condos and apartments for senior citizens and young families alike. Families or individuals can choose from any number of floor plans and amenities to make their homes unique and comfortable. There are numerous amenities throughout the village, such as a pool, bike paths, and even a fitness centre. Everything you’d want in your ideal community is here, right at The Village!

The village is designed with family living in mind. Many of the units are sectioned into floors with multiple bedrooms or floor plans that can be split off to create individual rooms for children or guests. Many young families or those with young guests use these rooms as playrooms for their children.

There is a great sense of community among all who live here. It’s not uncommon to see neighbours hanging out at one another’s homes and chatting on the sidewalks. Many of the residents have even become friends! The project was designed with this in mind. It was important to the developers that families could be a part of a community while still having their privacy and personal space.

Without a doubt, The Village at Meridian is the best place for anyone who values their family or wants an ideal living environment in general! In addition to being so close to schools and other important parts of the city, The Village is also just around the corner from several grocery stores. No matter what you need to run your household or raise a family, you’ll be close enough to get to it with ease!

And don’t forget about Meridian itself! It’s a beautiful place for almost any kind of outing. With its location directly between the city and the mountains, it’s possible to hike through nature or ski down a hill within an hour. This makes spending quality time together as a family simple, no matter what you choose to do!

The Village at Meridian is an affordable housing community that offers young families and senior citizens the ideal living environment. With its beautiful amenities and central location, it’s easy to see why anyone would want to live at The Village.

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