If you have an older model HVAC system, although still functional and even in good condition, it may be time to replace the unit. This is especially true if you live in a very hot or cold climate where your AC must work harder than other units to keep up.


Over time, typical wear and tear will happen and parts will need to be replaced. An AC unit that is just a year or two old should have no problem running, even in warmer temperatures. Many HVAC companies will provide regular maintenance and inspections to keep the system running properly. 


However, over time you may notice your unit takes longer to cool back down after shutting off. This is because dirt and dust will collect inside the unit. The heating coils—the part that heats up to create hot air—are located within the AC unit. Dirt, dust, and debris can cause the metal strip to corrode or stop working altogether. When this happens you’ll then notice significant problems with your cooling system.


    If you’re noticing frequent issues with your AC unit, it’s probably time to have the system cleaned. In addition, you might want to consider giving the unit a thorough inspection yourself. Cleaning out the dirt and debris is a good idea regardless of how old your unit is—even if it’s relatively new! This will assure maximum efficiency from an older model unit. One of the most common issues with older units is blocked air vents. Blocked air vents will prevent the interior fan motor from pushing enough cool air through your house, resulting in your AC taking longer to cool down the room or rooms that are being cooled.


Picking The Right Air Conditioning Unit


There are plenty of good reasons why you should call a professional air conditioning technician to help you pick the right air conditioner. A lot of people think they can do this all on their own, but it is much better if they let professionals handle this for them.


1) Professionals know –  air conditioning technicians know everything there is to know about air conditioners. They know what you can get in terms of price, quality, efficiency, etc. 


For example, if your unit doesn’t have coils on the inside or if it has coils made of copper instead of aluminum or stainless steel, then it will break down sooner rather than later which means you end up spending more money. The best thing you can do is to pick a professional who knows how to find an AC unit that has coils made of stainless steel or aluminum.


2) Professional technicians have the necessary equipment – if you want to get a really good AC unit, then it’s going to be very difficult for you to tell whether the coils are made out of the right material without having your equipment. 


Technicians use tools to look at how many amps a particular compressor is using and they also have other devices for measuring all of the components, so you should let them do their job. After all, it’s not something that can be done with normal household items – you need access to professional electronic equipment.

Is It Better To Fix Your AC Unit?


  Replacing your air conditioner is not necessary when you get a repair done. There are several reasons why the first being that the repairs may only be temporary. Some problems with an air conditioner can be fixed within just a few minutes while others take much longer.


The second reason that replacement should not be considered is that it’s surely going to cost you more money. If the air conditioner is only a couple of years old, it should not need to be replaced because there are still many good years left in it. Thirdly, if the repair cost is too much or your budget simply cannot afford another payment right now, make sure that you don’t choose 1-year financing. By putting it on your credit card, you are putting yourself at risk of being unable to pay the bill.


If none of these reasons seem to be valid enough for you, then maybe you should consider replacing your air conditioner if it is over ten years old.